Visceral Surgery

A continuous specialization has occurred in the field of general surgery. This has facilitated the dissemination of innovative methods of treatment, e.g. minimally invasive surgery, especially laparoscopic or thoracoscopic procedures, and has furthermore led to improved results.
The activities of a so-called “visceral surgeon” encompass the operative treatment of the entire digestive tract, and furthermore the surgery of the abdominal wall and the endocrine organs.
Due to my longstanding engagement as attending surgeon in the Department of Visceral Surgery, University Hospital Zurich, I acquired a considerable amount of experience in this speciality, with a focus on coloproctology and tumor surgery.

My professional principles comprise sympathetic understanding and thorough explanatory discussions with patients, careful selection of therapeutic means, taking into consideration aspects of quality of life, as well as impeccable surgical technique following the most modern concepts available.

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