As a specialized surgeon I cover the field of the so-called “visceral surgery”, which can be translated as surgery of the inner organs. In the wide field of visceral surgery which encompasses several realms of highly specialized medicine, I am concentrating on colorectal and pelvic floor surgery.
The successful surgical treatment of patients suffering from diseases regarding inner organs requires manual skills, up-to-date surgical technique, extensive knowledge and longstanding clinical experience on the one hand, but also a high degree of empathy and communicative capabilities on the other hand.
Nowadays, patients judge therapeutic results not only with regard to objective criteria (such as absence of relapse or long-term survival), but increasingly also with respect to subjective assessment of the quality of life attained.
Besides ensuring a careful selection of therapeutical means and an impeccable surgical technique I strive to include my patients in the discussion of the treatment strategy when future quality of life is at stake.
Quite often there is not just one “scientifically correct” operation but a whole range of possibilities. Only the evaluation of various aspects of life by the patients themselves can determine the direction of this decision process.
I offer the experience to engage in such discussions and the willingness to allow adequate time for it.

My scope comprises

My practice is open to all patients upon prior appointment. Urgent cases will receive the appropriate priority. Office sessions will be charged according to the usual health insurance tariff.
Appointments are welcome upon recommendation by general practicioners or physicians of other specialities. However, patients may call for appointments themselves, as well.

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